I finished A Daughter’s Love a couple of days ago. Great stuff; I’ll be pestering St. Thomas More more often from now on. Whether or not that was the author’s intention I don’t know, but, ahem, God works in mysterious ways and all that (I actually dislike clichés quite a bit, but when you’re pressed for time, what’s a girl to do?).

Never mind all that. Here’s what I’m reading now – there are two of them, don’t let that scare you:


JHNSelectedSermonsAt some point over the Summer I’ll get round to reading some Serious Stuff™, but not just yet as there’s plenty of work to keep me out of trouble for the time being. In fact I didn’t expect Semiology to be quite so much fun to read – the cover (!) and references to it I’ve read elsewhere gave me rather forbidding expectations. Just goes to show…nah, I can’t use two clichés in one post 😉


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