Knowing who your friends are

Right, after Mulier‘s heartless dismissal of my terrifying experience last night:

Cruel Mulier

I am sulking.

Not least because I went on to have a dream about how some maniac threatened me and one of my classes with knives and guns and I managed to get all of us into a safe room whilst the whole thing was being live-tweeted, 911-style, but in 999-land. Eventually he got taken down, but not before he took down one of my girls. About which I had nightmares and trauma (yes, this is all within a dream) for several weeks over the Summer holiday, only to be ignored and ridiculed by colleagues once school started up again.

Yeah, Mulier, see what your lack of support did to me? 😦

So today I’ve been recuperating (might have something to do with the rainfall outside) in order to restore my normal craziness rather than the Endeavour-inspired version. This was helped along by a friend who pointed me to this piece of brilliance: The Online Colour Challenge. You’re given four rows of coloured tiles and you’re to order them accordingly. Your score is based on how many mistakes you make, so the lower the better.

Well, a few minutes, retinal damage and coloured floating blobs later:

Colour Test

There. Simple soul as I am, my self-confidence is restored.

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