Cross my heart and hope to die and stick a needle in my eye (except…please…don’t), I don’t know which of these two I’m more proud of.

Part the first: in an effort to try and recall my A-Level knowledge from the depths of more-than-a-decade-old trunks, I tackled the following problem. You know, for kicks and giggles. As one does.

Given f = (x + 2y)^2 e^y \ln{xy}, find \frac{\partial f}{\partial y}.

Go on. See if you remember how to do it. Without looking up the problem, answer, any textbooks you might have, or any handy online things (yeah, Wolfram Alpha, I’m looking at you here).

It’s not hard, but it’s so…involved. I sat here looking at it for a few minutes just trying to unpack my (very) dusty toolbox with all the stratagems I once wielded rather deftly. Given that I had the correct answer (to within cosmetics), I’m pretty darn pleased with myself.

Part the second: I managed to finish watching that Endeavour episode I was freaking out about last night. Blinkin’ eck it’s good. There are always doubts and stuff accompanying spin-offs, but this is a great one. I now just need to take something to make my heart rate descend to something that’s not posing any immediate threat of cardiac failure.

Right. To celebrate:

Sure, I was going to link another video, but this choon’s much more fun, and there’s less of the manic gyrating. I should get up and do a groovy happy dance every time I conquer my demons. Rawr!)

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