Oooh I’m really ghetto now!

This post is for my own amusement and not much else, so you’ll forgive the tone 😀

Hur hur durrr!

Fr. Blake in Brighton is a priest blogger who, I reckon, just likes to wind people up more than anything. You can’t really blame him much, with Bp. Conry as your boss.

Brighton is, shall we say, not the greatest place to live by most people’s standards. Oh, I’ve heard it’s great if you’re into the homosexual thing, and sometimes you get a glimpse of the terrific seaside resort past it once had – oh and who can forget the party conferences?! – but Fr. Blake seems to mainly see the druggies and the beggars, and he blogs about them quite a bit.

Which is a good thing, to be sure. I don’t know how the influence goes between him and his parishoner Mr. England, who seems rather more preoccupied with these ‘vulnerable groups’ than Fr. Blake. Mr. E.’s blog time seems much more dedicated to tales of the unfortunates in Brighton, but perhaps that just proportional, as Fr. B. blogs quite a bit about liturgy and Pope Francis too.

[Aside: It’s horrible to say so, but someone should note that Mr. E.’s standard of written English surpasses that of Fr. B’s by quite a bit.]

Anyhow, Fr. B. wrote a post about the poor. His comments, and how he responds to other people’s comments, remind me of a Cafod motto I heard years ago – the Preferential Option for the Poor.

Which is all well and good, until he responds to someone – in a now edited comment, but I’m not so old as to not remember what I read, lost though it may be to the internetz – that he (the commenter) is, effectively, DAMNED.

It’s a priest’s job to tell someone when he’s in danger of damnation. But telling someone he’s actually damned is pretty rich – not to mention that whilst a person is still alive here on earth, the jury really is still out on the matter.

Oh woe ye (that is, me!) when you submit a comment calling him out on this. He just deletes it. My ego is crushed! My poor poor ego! Whahahahaha!

It’s ok to poop next door to a church building. It’s ok to interrupt Mass and then take your cap round for a collection for yourself, never mind the fact that you’re interrupting worship. It’s ok to poo-poo someone who might take a more nuanced view of ‘Give without counting the cost’ (oh, so a monolithic government can overtax its population and we’re not to count the cost? Ok). But heaven forbid someone call you out on your mistake in saying someone is DAMNED, Reverend Father.

Ah well. It’s cucumber time. When there’s nothing else to do with your blogs, take the mick and have a go at people.

Yeah, it annoys me a bit. I could and should offer this annoyance up. I don’t like people being bullied (online), but I’m not perfect in my reactions.

But Fr. B’s a grown man and I’m sure knows what he’s doing when he proclaims someone DAMNED. And people say SSPX sermons can get hairy.


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