If I were an aeroplane…

…this would be my boyfriend:

That sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it?

Today the Boeing 787-9 had its first test flight and by happy chance I found the live webcast in time to catch all the fun waiting for landing and the brief press conference afterwards. Watching planes take off and land is cool at any time, but especially so when it’s a Dreamliner.

Seattle, evidently, has weather not that much different to Rainland.

Heck, who cares? Who needs to look at the weather when you’ve got my boyfriend in the picture?

Mr. Boeing Communications (forgot his name, sorry) said that Air New Zealand is the launch customer. I may have to get myself out to the antipodes soon.


Ahem. Excuse me. It’s late and I should be in bed.


Test pilots. Lucky ducks. I should mention their names, but I don’t remember them as I’m too busy ogling my boyfriend stood behind them.

I should probably get myself checked out.

With the suits. Smiles all round!

Tee hee 😀

All right, some seriousness. I note that the info page shows a whole bunch of airline customers for the 787-9, so we’re not all bound into an Air New Zealand-dominated monopoly. Awesome!

The chap at the podium is Mr. Boeing Communications. Sorry I forgot your name!

Ok. Time to get some kip. Why do I live on the other side of the world to Boeing HQ?

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