Month: December 2013

Possibly moribund

There isn’t an easy way to open a blog post after you haven’t written for a while. So here’s a statement about the weather instead: it’s getting cold here.

Photo: Abir Sultan/EPA

Photo: Abir Sultan/EPA

Not as cold (presumably) as Jerusalem, granted, but yes, cold. All right, my computer says it’s 9ÂșC outside, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t really very cold at all, but I will happily sit and claim ‘old age’ and ‘creeping into my bones’. So there.

It strikes me that there is nothing ‘possibly’ moribund about either a blog or a person; both will eventually die (I know The Age of Google means that everything online will be there forever, but I still don’t see how Page-Brin Empire can survive the Day of Judgement). Now there’s a cheerful thought for Gaudete Sunday!

The only other thing really worth mentioning is that whilst my pile of ‘to read’ books is growing at a steady near-exponential rate in line with the recent past, my rate of actually reading them is notching up to such an extent that it may well bust out of polynomial bounds sometime. But not sometime soon.

Meanwhile it is almost time for the Christmas Hols and oh boy is everyone at work ready for some time off!