Month: August 2014

This is all the comment I can bring

(Well at the moment anyway; I’m known for my taciturn tendencies about as much as I am for my tact)


The Centenary

There will never not be war in this world.

The previous sentence would be mocked by so many I know. Yet more would agree, but perhaps not see the real reason why.

Striving for no war is pointless and futile; what must be striven for is the elimination of unjust war. There will be enough just war to satisfy any bloodlust. But it seems to me that the very notion of a just war implies that there be a Right Side™ and a Wrong Side™ (without necessarily drawing conclusions on any particular individual involved), and that is just too ‘judgemental’ for many Westerners who then harp on and on ad nauseam about mediation and aid efforts for the local  and whatever.

But in Life there is a Right Side™ and a Wrong Side™. One is either one or the other, and in this war is of course no different to the rest of the human condition. Only without submitting to Christ and His Church, there is no likelihood of choosing the Right Side™. Which is telling, really.